• Government of Telangana
    Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society
    ( TSWREIS )

‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, the adage goes. Daughters and sons of roadside tea sellers, masons, auto drivers, housemaids, agricultural labourers, security guards, vegetable sellers and construction workers proved the adage right with their thrilling and spectacular performances in sailing, martial arts, athletics, handball among other sporting events. Star athletes from TSWREIS captured everyone’s imagination with their medal winning performances at international, national and state level sporting events in recent years.

In a first of its kind move in India, the TSWREI Society established Sports Academies (Golf, Rugby, Kho-Kho, Weightlifting, Water Sports, Kabbadi, Cricket, Softball, Football, Handball, Chess, Athletics, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Swimming, Martial Arts) to nurture young talent and build a new generation of sportspersons from marginalized sections of the society. The TSWREIS conducts talent scouting camps from school level to state level to spot young talent in different sports disciplines and provides the world-class training under the watchful eyes of the finest coaches of national and international repute.

Corona pandemic has disrupted sporting activities across the country, TSWREIS is no exception to this. To bridge this gap, the TSWREIS’ sports department got the wheels in motion by launching Village Fitness Circles (VFCs) amid the covid pandemic. Each VFC comprises 5-10 students and these students practice games and do physical exercises every day to keep themselves fit and sharpen their skills in their respective fields, while strictly adhering to the covid 19 safety protocols. Coaches and physical education trainers have been using social media tools to supervise the training sessions of sports persons and keeping them motivated in the times of lockdown. By launching VFCs, the TSWREIS set an example for educational institutions on how to deal with the impasse and keep students actively engaged in sporting activities every day. Dr RS Praveen Kumar, Secretary, TSWREIS aptly says “When going gets tough, only tough get going”.